The Journey Begins

Our journey begins in 2011 in Rotterdam, with our CEO, Marcel Duits’s passion for entrepreneurship and his hunt for an industry that was ripe for disruption. During his initial market research, he found an opportunity for innovation in retail, particularly the apparel market, which was still relatively untouched by modern technological advances.

Redefine Fashion

With his keen eye, Marcel noticed that, in general, excluding changes in style, fashion had lacked any major breakthroughs or advancements for quite a while. It was then that he first encountered a novelty concept – the adhesive bra. At the time, the bras had just started taking their first steps into the spotlight, and their designs were rough and quite experimental.

Marcel Duits owner of Bye Bracmp

Bye Bra warehouse

Bye Bra's conception

Witnessing the utter chaos of the adhesive bra market at the time, Marcel saw the opportunity to restore order. This served as his inspiration to use his knowledge of fashion and lingerie to embark on a quest to redefine the industry. Soon after its introduction as a top-quality, dermatologically safe product, Bye Bra took the world by storm. At present, Bye Bra is sold in over 60 countries worldwide and is represented by a plethora of distributors, retailers and agents around the globe, all while maintaining a presence at over 20 trade shows every year.


No compromise, no concession!

In order to succeed in his mission, Marcel set in stone one clear rule – there would be no compromise, nor concession when it came to picking ingredients. Bye Bra would not settle for anything less than perfect, and by doing so, it would rise above the already crowded market. This commitment to quality is the reason Bye Bra products are only made in cooperation with established industry leaders, such as 3M for our medical-grade tape and Henkel for our dermatologically safe adhesive.

This combination of quality materials makes it possible for Bye Bra to deliver the exceptional quality and comfort that is sought after by our loyal customers. That is why our products effortlessly pass the rigorous testing of quality institutes, such as Bureau Veritas, where many of our competitors have failed.

Bye Bra sweet team of 16

Now that six years have passed, Bye Bra’s success is driven by a young and enthusiastic team of 16 employees from various backgrounds, speaking over 16 different languages. Having such an international and diverse team makes it possible to get the best of the best from the multitude of viewpoints our dedicated team bears.

Creating Innovation

With the team busy delivering top-quality service to our customers, Marcel was able to focus his efforts on innovation and became the mastermind visionary behind Bye Bra’s patent-pending best sellers, such as the Perfect Cleavage Tape, the Curved Bra Clips, the Flexible Bra Extenders, and the Low Back Straps.

The Bye Bra Team

Bye Bra Store Logo

Fulfilling our vision

In the end, our focus on the details has been the key to our success. By combining his passion for retail and bra accessories with a quality product and exceptional presentation, both online and offline, the team was able to take significant steps towards becoming a trustable partner and establishing Bye Bra as the pinnacle product in this market. Supported by a professional fulfillment partner, staff, brand management, supply chain and state of the art services, Bye Bra’s vision of providing our customers with the best of the best has now come to fruition.

The same applies to our respected retail partners to whom Bye Bra offers innovative solutions to limit returns, improve margin and volume, and create a great customer experience. Now more than ever, new retailers choose to be part of the Bye Bra family and herald it as a leading contributor to their success in the bra accessory category.

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