Breast Lift Tape Cup A-C With Satin Nipple Covers


Product description

Size: One-size suitable for cup size A, B and C

Colour: Transparent / Clear

Contains: 3 pairs of breast lift tape and 3 pairs of satin nipple covers in nude

Material: Tape: 64,5% polyethylene film, 19,5% acrylic copolymer adhesive, 16% paper release liner; Nipple covers: 50% paper release liner, 30% non-woven polyester, 20% Henkel® polymeric adhesive

  • Tapes are made from the highest quality 3M medical adhesive. Nipple covers are made from Henkel
  • A simple, quick and effective enhancement of the female breasts without the need for surgery, or even a bra!
  • By lifting the breasts from above and offering full support, it is the ideal solution to wearing any backless or strapless clothing without a bra!
  • Tape is transparent, hypoallergenic, water and sweat resistant.
  • Always apply on clean and dry skin with no oils, creams, lotions or any other cosmetics.
  • BEWARE of counterfeit / copycat products which do not adhere to EU regulations and could be hazardous to your skin.
  • Available in bigger sizes: Cup D-F and Cup F+.

Recommendation: In case you fall in between two cup sizes (i.e C and D OR F and G) we always recommend the bigger one.
That is because the bigger size can be reduced so as to fit the cup size of the wearer, in case it is too big. Simply, remove or trim the unnecessary part via a pair of scissors.

2 reviews for Breast Lift Tape Cup A-C With Satin Nipple Covers

  1. (verified owner)

    The tape works perfectly, ideal for my wedding dress!
    The service was extremely efficient, kind and helpful, thanks again for that.

  2. It does lift your boobs a bit, but it also folds the skin right above it so it doesn’t look good without clothes covering the area! The second plastic item broke in half when I used it, so quality isn’t great. The items are very sticky and very thin, so you have to be really careful otherwise it sticks on itself while you remove the paper and you can’t use the item properly. You can only use them once…
    I personally found the nipple covers too small.
    Love the overall idea, just not too convinced about the quality yet.

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