The Ultimate nude look

body tape

Body Tape

Body Tapes

Bye Bra has a range of stretchy and breathable Body Tapes that customers describe feels like a second skin.

The high-quality and long-lasting 3M Hypoallergic medical adhesive – sweat and water-proof. It is extra wide, therefore it is suitable for any breast size.

Colors available for light or dark skin tones, Beige and Light Brown and Brown with sizes ranging from A-F+.

The Ultimate Nude Look

Achieve the ultimate nude look with the help of our Satin Nipple Covers. 6 Covers are included included with each purchased body tape!

They are invisible under clothing. Comprised of an adhesive backside with a soft front side, the satin nipple covers are perfect for daily wear.

They are suitable for evening and gala dresses, strapless outfits, T-shirts, bridal dresses, and any clothing made from a more sensitive material, hence requiring a more discreet solution.

Satin Nipple Covers

Light Brown