Bye Bra - Blog Feature - Breast Lift Pads

Breast Lift Pads – 3 Great Options for Backless and Strapless support

Backless and Strapless Breast Lift Pads Breast Lift Pads The Breast Lift Pads are the perfect backless and strapless solution to lift, shape, and support your breasts under any outfit. Made from cotton they guarantee a very natural look & feel. Stretchy and breathable they feel like a second skin. Only one-time use so it’s […]

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Bye Bra - Blog Feature - Anti-Rubbing Solutions

4 Anti-Rubbing Thigh Solutions

“Best Thigh Solutions to Avoid Chafing​”, “How Do You Wear Thigh Bands?​”, “How to prevent painful chafing?​”

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Bye Bra - Blog Feature - Elegant

Elegant for every occasion

Elegant for every occasion Adhesives Bra Lace Edition Bye Bra aims to produce the best quality products so that all you need to do is be you. Take a look through what we at Bye Bra have to offer from Backless to Strapless solutions, Adhesives, Breast lift tapes, Bra Accessories, and more. Comfort is key […]

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Bye Bra - Breast Lift Tape

Breast Lift Tape – 3 best options for the Ultimate Nude Look

The Ultimate Nude Look Breast Lift Tape What is Breast Lift Tape and How is the Breast Lift Tape Attached? Breast lift tape is a tool that is used in order to lift the breasts up. It is a painless process and allows women to defy gravity without going under the knife. This adhesive tape […]

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Bye Bra - Blog Feature - Invisible Shapewear Collection

Invisible Shapewear Collection – 9 Best shaping and sculpting products

The Invisible Collection is going to be the style savior every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. Offering skin tone shades best suited for most skin types and sizes up to XXL.

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Bye Bra - Pull-Ups - Reusable Lifts

Pull-Ups – Your 4 New Favourite Reusable Lifts

Reusable lifts Pull-Ups Silicone • Fabric • Rabbit Silicone Pull-Ups The perfect easy solution for any backless, strapless, or open-style outfit. Easy to apply and indestructible they are the perfect holiday solution. Reusable up to 50 times Size M – 10 cm diameter Size XL – 12 cm diameter Made from 100% Silicone they are […]

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Bye Bra - Blog -Bra Tops Everyone Swears by

4 Great Bra Tops that everyone swears by​

4 Great Bra Topsthat everyone swears by Let’s face it, few of us look forward to putting on a bra top every morning but it doesn’t have to be this way. Is it possible to look professional without having to go back to underwire bras? Yes! The ones that will feel good and look good. […]

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Bye Bra - Blog - Sculpting Shapewear

7 Awesome Sculping Shapewear Products and their benefits

How to Conceal Your Belly with Sculpting Shapewear​ Different styles of shaping garments are designed to sculpt different target areas. Fortunately, you came to the right place! Safe to say women face challenges like for example, muffin top, belly pooch, mommy tummy and more but luckily with the right shapewear and clothing you can achieve […]

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Bye Bra - Blog - Covid 19 Measures


Dear customers, BYE BRA remains fully operational with our employees working safely from home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our distribution center is fully operational and safety measurements have been taken in line with the guidelines provided by the Dutch government. As our entire collection is never out of stock, this unprecedented situation will not affect […]

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Bye Bra - Cover

Shh… can you keep a secret?!

We have been keeping this secret for a long time and now it’s time to share it with you! We have been working on our re-branding behind the scenes, improving our image, how we send out our messages to you and most importantly, improved our products. However, this is not all we are also busy […]

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