Leak-proof underwear collection

LEAK-PROOF UNDERWEAR New in our collection: Leak-proof underwear. Soon available on our website… Leak-proof panties are a sustainable alternative to traditional menstruation and leak-proof products such as tampons. Perfect for much more than your period… Our leak-proof collection is designed for much more than just your period. Leak-proof panties collection Three different styles in two […]

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Bye Bra - Blog - Gauts de Soutien-Gorge que tout le monde ne jure que par

4 Superbes hauts de Soutien-Gorge que tout le monde ne jure que par

4 Great Bra Topsthat everyone swears by Let’s face it, few of us look forward to putting on a bra top every morning but it doesn’t have to be this way. Is it possible to look professional without having to go back to underwire bras? Yes! The ones that will feel good and look good. […]

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Bye Bra - Blog - Sculpter Shapewear

7 Produits de Sculpter Shapewear Impressionnants et leurs Avantages

How to Conceal Your Belly with Sculpting Shapewear​ Different styles of shaping garments are designed to sculpt different target areas. Fortunately, you came to the right place! Safe to say women face challenges like for example, muffin top, belly pooch, mommy tummy and more but luckily with the right shapewear and clothing you can achieve […]

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