Buy Fashion tapes or buy Dress tapes?

Would you like to buy Fashion tape, non-exposure tape or dress tape?

We often receive the question if there is a difference between fashion tape, dress tape and non-exposure tape. Basically it is all the same. They are all strips to stick clothing to the skin. However there are some differences and especially in measurements.

We all need to buy once i a while some fashion tape. We believe a fashion tape should be at least 22 mm by 77 mm. We believe that fashion tapes which are smaller simply do not do the job. Therefore the Bye Bra is made from extra large strips to make sure they stick all night long to your skin and the clothes you will wear. We see that many in China fabricated fashion tapes are much smaller. Therefore you will need first of all much more strips, but second they are not so sticky and will let go the clothing after a few hours. Please be aware of this while making your decision which fashion tape you would like to buy.

Do you want to buy fashion tape? Buy 3M quality!

Bye Bra dress tape is made from a 3M adhesive. The tapes are 23mm by 82mm, and are therefore much wider and longer than the average dress tape. This is a handy feature, because the dress tape should stay all night long, and most dress tapes are too thin for this. The 3M adhesive is of exceptional quality, yet gentle on both skin and garments. The protective layers between them ensure that the tapes do not stick together before usage.

On our website you can buy fashion tape which contains 30 strips. These strips will keep your clothes where you want them to be all night long.

fashion tape

Buy Fashion tapes to keep your socks in place.

We also see that consumers buy the fashion tape because they use it to make sure the socks stay put. Do you know the feeling when your socks are not staying where they should be and eventually you’ll have to take your shoes off to put on your socks again? A fashion tape on the heel does the job and your socks will stay where they should be :).

Please find Bye Bra fashion tape over here: Fashion Tape