How to Conceal Your Belly
with Sculpting Shapewear​

Different styles of shaping garments are designed to sculpt different target areas. Fortunately, you came to the right place!

Safe to say women face challenges like for example, muffin top, belly pooch, mommy tummy and more but luckily with the right shapewear and clothing you can achieve your desired look. Here are some of our top recommendations for minimizing your tummy to create that desirable hourglass waistline for any occasion.

Introducing the Sculpting Collection by Bye Bra.

Sculpting High-Waist Thong and Brief​

A simple yet effective way to conceal your belly!

Designed with a high waist that provides slimming and control from the lower abdomen up to the waist. The Sculpting High-Waist Thong and Brief Shapewear can be worn as undergarments to instantly create a smoother midsection and a flatter tummy. Adding  this product into your everyday wardrobe will ensure that you feel your absolute best. Produced with strong micro fabric and a silicone strip at the waist to ensure that you are secured going about your day with NO rolling down hassle, appears seamless and is light and comfortable. They are available in 2 colors Black and Beige with sizes ranging from S to XXL.

Sculpting High-Waist Short

A simple yet effective way to conceal your belly!

Bye Bra offer a Tummy & Core plus Upper Leg control sculpting shorts that not just help with tummy control but also smooths your hips, butt and thighs at the same time. It features a strong micro fabric made of 41% Elastane that will keep your tummy firmly in check, following the silicone strips at the waist and leg opening to give you that extra security. It also enhances your natural curves so It’s a win! Try out these shorts under any outfit and watch your figure transform. Colors available in Black and Beige with sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

Uncomfortable underwire? Well, we got just the thing!​

Perfect combination with the Sculpture Shapewear Collection is the new Wire-free Bra. Certainly, wired bras lifts and shape your bust effortlessly but that doesn’t mean wire free bras can’t. Wire free can still provide support while remaining flexible for running weekend errands, stretching out on the couch, or just sleeping in.

The Wire Free Bra

Comes with 4 hooks & eyes, adjustable shoulder straps, perfect comfort and smooth finish, so you don’t have to worry about your bra showing over your clothes. Colors available in Black and Beige with sizes ranging from Small to XXL

Body Shapers: The Right Shapewear and the Right Styles

While It’s easy to hide your imperfections with flowing fabric, Bye bra aims to design products that work well no matter what your natural shape and size is so that you feel confident in your own skin, what are you waiting for?  the best version of you awaits you!

Draw Attention to Your Best Features!

Bodysuits are great for successfully eliminating your problem areas while also shaping your other features so that you can accentuate your curves in all the right places.

Here’s how you can enhance your best features with the Sculpting Bodysuit by Bye Bra.

Bye Bra - Sculpting Bodysuit Wire Free - Beige

Sculpting Bodysuit (Padded wire free)

Designed to firmly shape and enhances your figure using a clean laser cut design is clean and made with strong micro fabric that will take care of those love handles, trim your lower tummy and reshape your whole torso. The padded wire free bust allows you to feel comfortable with the right amount of support, adjustable straps make possible of adjusting the bodysuit to your liking making it suitable for everybody.

 This shaper is the bodysuit thong once worn are totally invisible under clothes making it ideal to wear under cocktail dresses and gowns but nevertheless can also be worn under casual attire as well as under professional and formal clothes. Colors available in Beige and Black with sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

Best shapewear for a bodycon dresses

We aren’t done yet! The Sculpting Open Bust Dress by Bye Bra is for the ladies who want to be restriction free from wearing bodysuits under dresses or gowns. Shapewear so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re even wearing one!

Bye Bra - Sculpting Open Bust Dress - Black

Sculpting Open Bust Dress

This type of shapewear maximizes movement, so you won’t feel ‘stuffed in’ and this also means you can freely transition from day to night, wear it with your favorite bra and you’re good to go! Colors available in Beige and Black with sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

To sum everything up, there are many ways to conceal your problem areas and with the right shapewear in your wardrobe, along with some smart style choices you can be confident that you are showing the best version of yourself with confidence.

Need help with sizing or creating the perfect shape? Browse our curated new shapewear collection on our website or contact us if you need help or have any questions.