If you’re looking for bras to wear for a backless dress, you’ve come to the right place. Shop Bye Bra’s backless bra collection, designed to complement open-back dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and other stylish outfits.

About our backless bras 

Our stick-on backless bras are specifically designed to support ladies wishing to shine in more cut dresses. The stick-on bras for backless dresses you’ll find in our collection are strapless. They’re crafted to offer full support and comfort for tricky outfits worn on special occasions or daily outings. 

When shopping for bras to wear with a backless dress, no compromises should be made. Opt for a solution that makes you feel confident, with invisible lines, no straps, and guaranteed comfort. Turn any backless outfit into a glamour story and say goodbye to struggling with hiding your bra straps or adjusting the band.

Our adhesive backless bras will fit you like a second skin, creating a naturally smooth silhouette for any outfit. 

Why choose our bras for backless dresses

If you’re planning to wear a strapless, backless, plunge, or other revealing dress or outfit, Bye Bra’s backless strapless bras are just the right pick. With easy-to-apply models, we guarantee quick and seamless silhouette support.

All of our backless adhesive bras are dermatologically tested and approved. They’re long-lasting, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic, giving every woman the confidence she deserves. 

Experience the best stick-on backless bras at affordable prices. We make no compromise with quality, yet manage to provide affordable strapless backless silicone adhesive bras.

Shop now and experience some of the most reliable bras for backless dresses in the UK.

Diverse styles for every occasion 

No matter if you’re browsing for backless bras for big busts or strapless backless bras for smaller cups, we’ve got you covered. 

In our backless bras collection, you can discover a range of models and styles, including:

  • Lace-it bras 
  • Gala bras 
  • Seamless U-style bras
  • Invisible backless bras 
  • Glam bras 

Take advantage of a wide array of colours, featuring white backless & stick-on bras but also black and nude varieties. Enjoy different shapes tailored to meet the needs of any body type. 

We prioritise inclusivity and provide backless bras for all women, regardless of skin tone, size, shape, or style.