Brazilian panties for everyday wear by Bye Bra

Explore our Brazilian panties collection and keep it casual and comfortable wherever you are. Embrace your feminine side and enjoy full invisibility!

If you’re looking for something that’s in-between the standard bikini panties and the revealing and provocative thongs – we have some news for you! Brazilian-cut panties are just the right choice.

This collection stands out with its narrow waistband, preventing too much bum exposure. Although a bolder substitute for cheeky panties, Brazilian panties still provide the coverage you’re after, making you feel supported and protected at all times.

Delivered in a 2-pack of black and beige, our Brazilian panty solutions are fully invisible. They’re designed using some of the most lightweight and soft fabrics, ensuring that you don’t even feel a thing while wearing them to work, to the gym, or to a special occasion matched with your favourite outfit.

Best of all, our Brazilian panties are completely free from any stitching or seams, allowing them to be truly unnoticeable.

To enjoy your Brazilian cut panties for longer, we recommend carefully following the provided care instructions. Never wash them above 30 degrees, avoid bleaching, ironing, tumble drying, and dry cleaning. Instead, wash the panties using gentle soap that doesn’t contain aggressive chemicals and air dry for best results.