High cut brief panties by Bye Bra

Choosing the right undergarments can make all the difference in the world! Feel at your best every single day, no matter whether you’re on your period or simply looking for comfort and style all in one.

At Bye Bra, our main priority is to help you look and feel amazing without making any compromises with fabrics, quality, and support. Our high waist brief panties collection is designed to empower any female to feel at her best, no matter the time of month or the choice of outfit. 

Explore our high-waist panty brief collection and shop for different styles that will transform your underwear drawer. 

You choose from:

  • Period brief high flow black
  • Period high brief lace high flow black 
  • Invisible high brief in a pack of 2 

You can browse the standard beige and black colours that will help you achieve a minimalistic style when it comes to undergarments. 

By choosing Bye Bra, you’re also choosing hygiene, comfort, and diversity. You’re opting for premium-quality fabrics, full invisibility, and zero discomfort. 

No matter whether you’re planning to wear a tight, body-shaping outfit or a casual, stay-in one, our high-cut brief panties are the perfect choice!

Ready to make the next step? Explore our collection and find the perfect choice for you! If you’re new to high-waist panties, don’t be afraid to experiment – you won’t regret it!