Bye Bra’s non-adhesive bra collection is on a mission to redefine comfort without compromising style. Created to liberate you from the constraints of traditional adhesive bras, our solutions provide a secure and supportive fit without the adhesive elements. 

Why choose our bra collection

Designed with precision and innovation, our bras offer the ideal balance between support and comfort, enabling you to move with ease and grace simultaneously. 

With Bye Bra’s bra collection, you can indulge in the luxury of hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved bras. We acknowledge how essential skin-friendly materials and fabrics are. 

All of our non-sticky bras are created to pamper your skin while providing the support you need. We invest in some of the most advanced technologies to create lasting, reliable, non-irritating solutions. 

With you, you can enjoy:

  • Models for every occasion – Discover styles that cater to diverse wardrobe needs, from everyday essentials to special events. 
  • An opportunity to express your individuality – Our spectrum of colours, shapes, and models allows every woman to express herself. 
  • Tailored solutions for every body type – Bye Bra’s bra products celebrate the diversity of body types. Find the perfect fit for any body shape. 

Diverse styles for every woman  

Whether for daily wear or a special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, our bra solutions are your go-to choice for a seamless and stylish foundation. 

The diverse styles, models, shapes, and colours allow you to choose the perfect fit for any outfit. Accent on your natural body lines in a stylish manner and feel your confidence rising. 

  • Natural rib bra tops 
  • Soft touch seamless bra tops
  • Soft touch seamless reversible bra tops
  • Soft touch seamless tube tops
  • Strapless bras
  • Ultra plunge bras
  • Bra tops V-neck
  • Bra tops deep plunge
  • Bra tops push-up
  • Bra tops round neck 
  • Bra tops wire-free lace
  • Bra tops round neck
  • Seamless bra tops 

And more. 

We offer classic colours for ultimate styling, including whites, blacks, and nude shades. Our diverse range of shapes and models make our bras a perfect fit for any body type, skin tone, and age group. You can choose from a range of bra sizes. 

Care tips 

Caring for your bras will help the product last longer and provide its full array of benefits over time.

Where possible, we advise washing the bras by hand. If using a washing machine, we highly recommend washing your bras below 30 degrees. To prevent harm, avoid bleaching, ironing, and tumble drying. Note that our bra collection is not suitable for dry cleaning.