Our seamless support bras are created to provide the freedom you need to stay active throughout the day. Embrace a diverse bra collection that features soft microfiber styles, ribbed shapes, light padding, and no padding – all offering extensive support and unmatched comfort.

About our seamless support bras

Bye Bra’s seamless bras are carefully designed without visible seams or stitching lines on the cups. This makes them the perfect fit for outfits that require invisible support, especially when it comes to tight or thin fabrics. 

Why choose our seamless bras

The beauty of our seamless support bras is that they help you achieve a smooth silhouette that will disappear under your clothes.

Here are a few key features that turn this collection into a must-have for any woman:

  • Smooth appearance – enjoy a sleek and smooth look under any outfit. Say goodbye to lines and ridges. 
  • Ultimate comfort – The absence of seams makes our support bras extra comfortable. No skin irritation, no pain.
  • Invisibility – As they’re less likely to show through, our seamless support bras offer a discreet and natural appearance. 
  • Wire-free options – Some of our products are completely wire-free, enhancing comfort without compromising support. 

Diverse styles for every occasion 

Choose from a range of models, styles, shapes, and colours. The gems that you can discover in our seamless support bras sections include:

  • Soft touch seamless bra tops 
  • Soft touch seamless reversible bra tops
  • Soft touch seamless tube tops 
  • Glam bras 

And more.

You can find classic bra tones, featuring white, black and nude colours. 

Care tips 

To enjoy your bra’s support and appearance for longer, we highly recommend taking proper care of the product. It’s advisable to hand-wash the bra after each use, using mild detergent. Bleaching, ironing, tumble drying, and dry cleaning may have a negative effect on the products, potentially harming the fabrics and the support systems. 

After washing, make sure the bra is fully dry and store it carefully to prevent shape damage.