Reach your maximum level of confidence with Bye Bra’s shapewear top collection. Look and feel your best in any outfit and wear any style like a queen with some of the most reliable and comfortable shapewear tops in the UK. 

About our shapewear top collection 

Define your natural contours with an extensive range of shapewear bra tops. These solutions provide targeted support to key areas, building a flattering and polished appearance. With smooth lines and sleek designs, our shapewear tops are a must-have gem for women. 

Some of the popular types of shapewear tops you can choose from include:

  • Sculpting crop tops 
  • Sculpting singlets 
  • Soft touch seamless bra tops 
  • Soft touch seamless reversible bra tops 
  • Soft touch seamless tube tops 
  • Ultra plunge bras
  • Invisible singlets 
  • V-neck bra tops 
  • Deep plunge bra tops 
  • Push-up bra tops 
  • Round neck bra tops 
  • Wire-free lace bra tops 

And more! 

All of Bye Bra’s products are completely non-irritating and fully supportive. They’re suitable for any cup size and come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Discover the perfect fit for you and enjoy a seamless blend of style and comfort. 

How to choose the perfect shapewear top 

If you’re looking to choose the ideal shapewear top for your body, consider the following factors: 

  • Target zones – Identify the upper body areas that you want to receive the maximum support in. Whether it’s the bust, back, or waist, understanding your focus areas will guide you to the appropriate shapewear top design.
  • Choose the right size – Avoid sizing down, as it may lead to discomfort and compromise the effectiveness of the shapewear.
  • Understand compression levels – Shapewear tops come in different compression levels. Choose the level that aligns with your comfort and shaping goals.
  • Select the right neckline – Consider the neckline of the shapewear top based on the neckline of your outfit. For example, a V-neck shapewear top may be suitable for low-cut dresses.

Care tips 

To prolong the advantages of your shapewear top, it’s essential to give these delicate garments the care they deserve. Stick to washing at temperatures at or below 30 degrees, and if possible, avoid using washing machines. Steer clear of actions like bleaching, ironing, tumble drying, or dry cleaning to safeguard the longevity and quality of your shapewear dress.