Explore Bye Bra’s body shapewear collection and discover some of the best shapewear in the UK for all women. Enhance your body’s curves and enjoy the confidence you deserve wearing any outfit or style. 

About our shapewear collection 

Embark on a journey to redefine your silhouette with our special women’s shapewear collections. Created for comfort and confidence, our shapewear pieces provide advanced solutions to accent your beauty and embrace your natural contours. 

Providing a sleek foundation for any outfit, our models empower you to step out with assurance. 

Some of the shapewear types you can choose from include:

  • Bodysuits 
  • Shapewear dresses
  • Shapewear shorts
  • Shapewear skirts
  • Shapewear tops 
  • Shaping underwear
  • Waist trainers 

You can select different support levels, colours, and collections. For example, some of the collections you can browse feature Invisible, Powermesh, Sculpting, Seamless, Shaping tights, Soft Touch, and Waist Control. All of these selections offer unique benefits and have individual characteristics. 

Bye Bra only works with non-irritating fabrics and materials. Our shapewear solutions offer a soft touch, durability, and full sculpting support. 

Tips for choosing the best women’s shapewear

Shopping for an appropriate piece of shapewear can be tricky for beginners. Bye Bra recommends taking the following factors into account:

  • Know your size – We offer shapewear in an extensive range of sizes. Select a solution that corresponds to your current size and avoid choosing a smaller product to avoid discomfort. 
  • Concentrate on target areas – Shop with certain areas in mind (for example tummy, waist, or tights). 
  • Think about compression levels – Our shapewear is available in different compression levels. Firm compression offers stronger and more significant shaping, while light compression delivers subtle smoothing. 
  • Select breathable fabrics – Cotton or moisture-wicking materials are recommended as they eliminate discomfort and enable all-day wear. 

Browse our collection, get to know our products, and select a shapewear piece that will reshape the way you perceive your body.