Care for your breasts, buy the right tape

Be aware of Bye Bra counterfeits on Amazon and eBay. The breast lift tapes which we provide are made from top quality medical adhesive, made in cooperation with world-class manufacturer 3M and are dermatologically tested by SGS. Unfortunately, the concept is poorly copied by dubious producers and they supply their bra tapes via Amazon, eBay or local resellers. These can cause skin damage, as they contain ingredients that are banned in the EU, but sadly, it is not required to pass dermatologic tests to be able to sell on eBay and Amazon. On the other hand, the Bye Bra breast lift tapes, available on this website are classified by SGS as 'harmless' and safe for use.

Copycat breast lift tape vs. Bye Bra - The difference explained

The Bye Bra lifts are made from a medical adhesive produced in cooperation with 3M. They are not like any average tape, but rather a medical tape that is capable of lifting several kilos, by pulling the skin upwards. Therefore, our solution is a safe and reliable breast lifts. Unfortunately, Chinese copycat companies have duplicated this concept in such a way that it can harm your skin. Nowadays, many irresponsible companies import these imitations without testing them for banned substances and that’s a shame.

1. Cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm

Our test results show that all the counterfeit products we tested are made from materials that are known to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Some copycats are so dangerous, there is a warning on the packaging.

Bare lifts from amazon Health Risks

2. Skin damage

Using these fake products can result in skin damage and health issues. We have seen women damage their skin because they have applied a copycat or similar tape that is not meant to be used as a breast-lift tape.

Bare Lifts Sin Bra Skin Damage

3. Even if you manage to apply the counterfeit, they will not hold all night long.

The copycat breast lift tape products we tested are not even close to a medical-grade tape. They looked more like the tape used to wrap presents. Apart from the fact that they simply don’t stick well, they can’t handle sweat. If you were to dance, jump or sweat, you would be not only strapless, but bra-less as well.

How to recognise a real Bye Bra

A real Bye Bra always has a special reflective sticker with a unique serial code on the front of the packaging. If you would like to check whether your Bye Bra is real, feel free to send the code to us so we can look it up for you.

If you have any additional questions about the Bye Bra, feel free to contact us.

Why are Bare Lifts still sold?

The issue is that the Chinese don't really care how the Bare Lifts are produced. In China the health standards are different than those of other countries. Bit by bit we saw bad reviews popping up
on Amazon and Ebay. The most common result - skin damage. Our team at Bye Bra tested the copycats and found out that they contain hazardous substances which are banned from the market and can even cause cancer.

Unfortunately we have seen that consumers usually go for the cheaper alternative, but the reality is that Bare Lifts tape can't compete, quality-wise with the dermatologically-tested 3M tape of Bye Bra. The only real competition that these copycats offer for Bye Bra is in pricing. Therefore we would like to ask you to check the reviews, before buying a copycat. Take our advice - sacrificing your skin health to save a few bucks is far from worth it. These days everybody can import products from China.. don't get tricked into buying copycats. Whether you buy the tape here, or on another website, it makes no difference. Just make sure you buy a 3M medical adhesive, so you can get the quality your skin deserves!

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email!