Explore an incredibly versatile and powerful collection – Bye Bra’s black shapewear. A suitable option for under any outfit, our black shapewear models are a must-have gem in any wardrobe. 

About our black shapewear collection 

Discover an extensive range of black shapewear products, all designed to offer the ultimate levels of support, comfort, and elegance under your outfits. 

Choose from:

  • Padded shorts
  • Sculpting crop tops
  • Sculpting singlets
  • Soft touch open bust bodysuits
  • Ultra-low bodysuits
  • High waist seamless briefs 
  • High waist shorts 
  • Reversible bra tops 
  • Ultra plunge bras 

And more!

Why choose Bye Bra’s black shapewear products 

Black is a classic, timeless colour. It’s known for its powerful slimming effects, enabling it to create an illusion of a sleeker and more refined silhouette. It reduces the appearance of bulges and produces a flattering aesthetic.

Our black shapewear products can be worn under any outfit. They’re 100% non-irritating, comfortable, and reliable. If your wardrobe features deep or bold colours, this collection is perfect for you. Maintain a discreet appearance, minimising risks of visible lines or contrasts. 

All of our products are created using gentle, skin-friendly fabrics and materials. Our sculpting technologies are some of the most advanced ones on the market, guaranteeing results. 

Care tips 

Experience the allure of our gorgeous black shapewear, and ensure its enduring beauty with thoughtful care. Delicately cleanse these treasures after each wear, using water at or below 30 degrees. Steer clear of harsh chemicals and instead choose mild detergents. Avoid ironing, bleaching, tumble drying, or the dry-cleaning process.