Explore Bye Bra’s pull-ups and lifts – the realm where you can discover a range of lifting stick-on bra solutions for every need. If you’re searching for the perfect lifting-up bra – you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re new to the world of lift-up bras, we have something modern, reliable, and invisible to offer – a stick-on bra that lifts. 

Unlike the traditional breast lift bra that comes with uncomfortable and sometimes bra straps, we introduce you to a new-age stick-on lift-up bra. 

Discover from a range of different options, including:

  • Traditional silicone cups 
  • Multi pull-ups
  • Matt silicone pull-ups
  • Fabric pull-ups
  • Sculpting lifts
  • Push-up cups

And more. 

Why choose our adhesive lift-ups

All of our adhesive lift-up bra solutions are designed to provide ultimate comfort and secure the bust regardless of your cup size.

Our lifting stick-on bra solutions are dermatologically approved and 100% hypoallergenic. They come with a moulded full cup shape, enabling the product to gently stick onto the breast and achieve the perfect silhouette. 

All of our adhesive lifter bra solutions are made of 100% silicone and most are reusable. This allows you to build the confidence you deserve by using over and over again the solution that works for you without having to spend more every time. 

By choosing our lifting stick-on bra solutions, you can enjoy:

  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Confidence
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Affordability

Diverse styles for every occasion

No matter whether you’re planning to wear a provocative strapless dress, a backless dress, or a casual top that’s a bit more revealing, you can achieve any look you desire with our lifting stick-on bra solutions.