Nude Fabric Nipple Covers – 1 Pair


Product description

Size: One-size

Colour: Nude

Contains: 1 re-usable pair

Material: 28% Polyamide, 4% Elastane, 68% Polyolefin gel

  • Made from high grade fabric
  • Reusable for up to 15 times and dermatologically tested by SGS.
  • The covers are comprised of an adhesive silicone back side with a soft front side and give the breasts a beautifully natural appearance.
  • Ideal for masking your nipples on a daily basis.
  • The fabric nipple covers are wider and thicker than the satin nipple covers. We recommend using fabric nipple covers for less formal wear or in the case of larger areola around the nipple.

1 review for Nude Fabric Nipple Covers – 1 Pair

  1. I bought these a year ago. Never seen them before. I think I used them in the past year at least 20x and they still work. Happy customer!

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