Our transparent breast tape collection is designed to help women break free from traditional constraints. No straps, no bands – shop for the ultimate freedom. Embrace the transparency that enables you to wear any outfit with confidence and style. 

No boundaries with our transparent breast tape collection

Redefine your fashion experience with our transparent breast tape collections. Say hello to invisible confidence, showcase your natural beauty, and unveil the infinite possibilities with a product designed for transparency in support. 

Suitable for all cup sizes, our clear boob tape options are the right choice for anyone. 

Clear breast tape for special occasions or everyday chic 

No matter whether you’re planning to attend a special occasion or you’re preparing for an everyday chic outfit, Bye Bra’s transparent breast tapes are your beauty secret. Take your style to the next level and enjoy invisible support that enhances your silhouette. 

Move with confidence in every situation and say goodbye to worrisome thoughts about bra exposure. 

Why choose Bye Bra’s transparent breast tape 

As an experienced brand in lingerie, we offer some of the best clear boob tape in the UK. All of our designs and materials are chosen with precision to offer full reliability, comfort, and security. 

Our clear boob tape products are tested and approved by dermatologists. They’re 100% hypoallergenic and non-irritating, In addition, you can rest assured that you’re covered throughout the whole day as our tapes are sweatproof, waterproof, and party-proof.  

Care tips 

To fully enjoy the features of your clear breast tape, make sure to apply it on dry and clean skin. The skin should not be covered in lotions, creams, and oils to make sure that the adhesive technology works best. Avoid washing, drying, ironing, bleaching, tumble drying, or dry cleaning.