Shop our extensive range of breast tape for strapless dresses and style your outfit with confidence. Taping breasts for a strapless dress has never been easier. Simply choose the right strapless dress boob tape, select the right tone, and apply it according to the instructions. 

Discover our breast tape for strapless dresses

At Bye Bra, we offer some of the best breast tape for strapless dresses in the UK. With years of experience on the market, we’ve crafted the ultimate selection of body tape for strapless dresses designed to meet the needs of anyone searching for full support, comfort, and a gentle lift. 

Enhance your natural silhouette and say goodbye to worries about your undergarments. With a 100% invisibility guarantee, our boob tape for backless and strapless dresses is a must-have item. Regardless of whether you’re planning to attend a special event or are getting ready for a romantic dinner with your loved one, this collection will reward you with the confidence you deserve.

Choose from:

  • Breast lift tape and satin nipple covers
  • Breast lift tape and silicone nipple covers
  • Cleavage tape 
  • Breast tape roll
  • Body tape in different lengths
  • Double-sided body tape 
  • Breast lift pads

And more!

All of our tape products are 100% hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. They cause no skin irritation and are completely waterproof, sweatproof, and party-proof. 

The benefits of owning boob tape for strapless dresses

The perks of owning boob tape for a strapless dress are infinite. You can confidently and comfortably use it as:

  • Boob tape for strapless top
  • Boob tape for strapless wedding dress
  • Boob tape strapless dress
  • Boob tape for low cut strapless dress

And other stylish outfits. 

The tapes provide full support and cannot be seen under your outfit. This makes them incredibly discreet and a top choice for ladies around the world. 

Care tips 

Our breast lift tape for strapless dresses collection features items that are created for single use. Don’t wash, bleach, iron, or dry. 

To get the most of your body tape, make sure you’re applying it to clean and dry skin that is free from oils, creams, and lotions.